Membership Information

The Ministry of Mothers Sharing (MOMS) at St. Francis of Assisi is designed to be an intimate group of moms, and as part of our mission, we hope to foster friendships, teamwork and a strong sense of community.


We ask all members to recommit to the Ministry each year, renewing each August Visitors are always welcome, as we accept new members year-round. Please contact us if you would like to attend a meeting so we know to have a seat ready!


The Ministry's only source of revenue is membership dues and donations. Our dues are capped at $40 annually.

What do my annual MOMS dues go toward? 

    • Speakers: We work hard researching well known Catholic speakers who can come and share their testimony and gifts with us each meeting. Dues help cover their speaking fees and in some cases, their travel. 

    • Hospitality: The hospitality team provides some snacks and drinks at the annual Meet & Greet, monthly meetings and puts on a celebration dinner for moms going through the spiritual journey. 

    • Charity: Whether it’s participating in the church fall festival or helping with a meal for another ministry or a mom in need, a portion of the dues are set aside for our ministry to give back.

    • T-Shirts/Gifts: Each mom will receive the yearly MOMS T-shirt in the fall as well as Advent and Lent mailers. Special items are also purchased for moms going through the spiritual journey.

    • Childcare: MOMS covers a portion of the church nursery fees for each monthly meeting as well as book study and spiritual journey meetings

    • Business: Dues help cover the little things that may go unnoticed, yet keeps our ministry running such as printing materials, name tags, postage, office supplies, website and membership platforms, and financial processing fees. 


If paying dues will cause a financial hardship for your family,  sponsorships are available; Please do not let the inability to pay prevent you from participating! All requests for assistance are kept completely confidential.  If you need assistance, please contact Shannon Steinmann.