The MOMS Library is a collection of books that come highly recommended from fellow MOMS. These books were inspiriting to the owner, so instead of collecting dust on the bookshelf they are graciously being shared with other members of the ministry. We have added several new titles to our library, here are just a few of our new books, make sure and come check out the Library table at your next meeting!


What kinds of books are included?  

Any books that can help us better live out our vocation as Catholic mothers.  Some of these books

are about being Catholic or answering questions about the faith.  Others are personal spiritual

enrichment.  Also included are inspiring books about being a woman of God, mothering or

parenting. Note: Books are not exclusively by Catholic authors. 


How long can I borrow the book?

In general, the books will be loaned for 1 month and are expected to be returned at the next

general MOMS meeting.  Of course if you are not finished reading, just let us know and we will

renew it until the next month. Email reminders will be sent out prior to the meetings. 


How many books can I borrow at one time? 

To start with, we will limit each member to 2 books checked out at one time. As we get a feel for the demand or get more books donated to the library, that number may change. 


What books are in the collection? 

The Library is available to browse at all monthly meetings.


I have some books I would like to share. How do I add them to the collection? 

Great! We’re always excited to add to our collection.  If the books fit the characteristics we are looking for, we will add them.  We will keep track of who the actual owner is and a sticker will be placed in the front of each book with this information.  At this time we are not asking for permanent donations. So if you decide at any point that you would like your book(s) back, we will do our best to retrieve them from the borrowers and return them to you. As we all know, sometimes books do get lost but we will all do our best to keep up with them.