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Hospitality plays an important role in our MOMS meetings, and each member is asked to support this part of our fellowship experience by bringing a food or beverage item to at least one meeting during the year.  You also have the option to donate $10 to the hospitality fund instead of bringing a food item to a meeting. You can add your hospitality donation to your membership dues or pay at one of the monthly meetings.


It’s so nice to just sit and enjoy conversation with adults without little hands grabbing your food!  That’s why we take turns giving each other a much-needed break.

Below are some frequently asked questions. Please feel free to contact Michelle Lehn or Laura Kate Bishop, the Hospitality Coordinators, with any questions not addressed here, and we’ll add them to the list!

Frequently Asked Questions:


I've signed up, when should I arrive?

When it’s your turn to bring refreshments, it is extra important to arrive on time (preferably a few minutes early) so that everyone will be able to enjoy your goodies! If you need get a little one checked into the Nursery, you can just drop by the meeting room and hand your item off to anyone on the Core Team and we will take care of it from there.


What do I need to bring besides the food or drink?

Paper goods are provided for each meeting. If you item requires utensils for serving beyond forks or spoons, please bring it with you. If your item needs to be cut, please cut it before you arrive if possible.


Where do I put the food I bring?

The food table will be set up buffet style.  Just add your item to the table. (Drinks by the water; similar food items together.)

What about food allergies?

If your dish contains common allergens , such as nuts; please attach a note to your dish indicating the allergen.  If you choose to prepare food with special dietary needs in mind, feel free to label it as such (Ex: Gluten/Dairy/Soy/Corn Free) with your name in case there are questions.

How much food do I bring?

We usually have multiple sign-ups for each food category.  Please bring enough food to share with 20 morning moms and 10 evening moms. We will make adjustments as needed on the Sign-Up Genius reminders.  


Is it ok to bring store-bought food?

Absolutely! Hospitality does not need to be expensive or extravagant.  MOMS is here to help make your life easier so keep it simple!


Will my dishes be returned to me?

Feel free to bring disposable dishes.  Any items remaining - after clean up - will be discarded, so please make sure you grab anything you brought with you at the end of the meeting. Please mark your non-disposable dishes and label your serving utensils too.  This makes clean up faster.  As soon as the meeting concludes, retrieve your dishes.  We do not have space to store anything left behind.


What if I can’t make the meeting and I’m signed up to bring food?

Please notify your Hospitality Coordinator with as much notice as possible. You can make arrangements to drop off your items earlier, or send them with another member, or we can help you find another member to switch with.

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