Childcare is available on a limited basis for your little ones in the church nursery. Young infants are welcome to stay with their mothers during the General Monthly Meetings, provided they are not disruptive.


Morning MOMS Meetings

Our new policy for this year is that we will not require reservations for childcare during our morning meetings. However, childcare is first come first served and once the nursery is full we cannot admit more children.  Two childcare workers will be on duty which will allow up to 24 children to be in the nursery. We recommend arriving 15 minutes early. The charge for child care, regardless of number of children is $5. When checking in, include your email address, and we will send you an online invoice. 


Guidelines for Morning Childcare

What to bring for your child in childcare:

  • Stroller if your child is not yet walking

  • Diapers, wipes and change of clothing (if necessary)

  • Bottle or sippy cup

  • Snack *please see snack/food policy


*Please label everything, including diapers.


Instructions for Check-In:

Nursery check-in begins at 9:15 am. Please pick up your children promptly after the meeting ends.


  • Childcare Workers: Childcare workers who are scheduled to work have completed the Safe Environment training requirements promulgated by the Diocese, and have been cleared as paid workers within the St. Francis Community. In addition to the childcare workers, the nursery may have other volunteers working, such as other moms. Volunteer mothers must also be Safe Environment cleared through the parish office. It is an individual decision for each mother whether she is comfortable leaving her child(ren) in the nursery. If a specific incident comes up, please notify Sara Graham or Amanda Ward. Please do not take it up with the nursery workers at the time because: A) You may not know the entire situation, and B) It would distract from the other children.

  • Please evaluate the appropriateness of our childcare arrangements for your child. Some children need more personal attention than our arrangement can provide. Mothers of inconsolable children will be called to the nursery after 15 minutes. You may try to comfort the child in the nursery and, if successful, return to the meeting. If not, you should be prepared to leave the meeting and try again next month. Please do not repeatedly re-enter the nursery as it may upset the other children.


  • Health of Children: If your child exhibits any signs of being ill (fever, runny nose, cough, diarrhea, etc.), please do not place the child in the nursery. Children recovering from illness must be free of symptoms for 24 hours prior to the meeting.


  • Please check your child’s diaper before dropping them off. Leave clean diapers in case a change is needed, labeled with your child’s name. If nursery staff deems it necessary , you may be paged to come to the nursery and change your child’s diaper.


  • Snack/Food Policy - You may bring a snack from home for your child. Please label it clearly. No nuts or nut products are allowed! At sign-in, please alert the workers to any pertinent allergies. Bottles and sippy cups are permitted provided they are clearly labeled. If there is a specific time for a bottle to be given, please hand the worker a written note with this information. Clearly label all items with your child’s first AND last names.  Small cups of water are served at snack time or when a child asks for a drink.


  • Children will be returned only to the mother who signed them in. It is suggested that no more than 2 moms be in the checkout area a time. The rest of the mothers should wait outside and out of view for their turn. This is because children can only be released one at a time. It is very hard on your child if they see you but can’t get to you because we are releasing other children.


  • Videos may be shown in the nursery. Since many of the children in the nursery are very young the videos will be age-appropriate.


Evening MOMS Meetings


Evening childcare is provided by St. Francis free of charge. However, the nursery is open to the parish, not exclusively for MOMS. Therefore space is very limited! If you require childcare in the evening, we strongly encourage you to arrive early. You cannot make advance reservations for evening childcare. It is space available only, first come first served.